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Jak and Daxter Collection coming in February 2012


High-definition goatee news now, with Naughty Dog sharing further details on the disc-bound Jak and Daxter Collection, set to hit PlayStation 3 in February 2012. Most remastered trilogies can match the features boasted by this one, such as 720p resolution, Trophies and stereoscopic 3D support, but none can claim to have this kind of titular escalation. You get Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (subtitle), Jak II (Roman numerals) and Jak 3 (plain ol' numbered sequel).

Remastering duties on the Jak and Daxter Collection fall to Mass Media, a company that survived a stint and closure under THQ, where it ported the Full Spectrum Warrior games to PlayStation 2. According to Naughty Dog co-president Evan Well, Mass Media is "working closely with our team at Naughty Dog.

A brief reminder of the games being assembled here can be found in the trailer above. We're also reminded to institute a law preventing anyone from writing "duo" if it's preceded -- as always -- by "dynamic."

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