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Max Payne 3 gets $100 Special Edition, pre-order only until January 15

If you're absolutely certain you'll want Max Payne 3 in a really bad way, and you're already financially and emotionally prepared to drop a Benjamin on it, has Rockstar got the deal for you! Between now and January 15, roughly two months before the game's March release window, you'll be able to order the Max Payne 3 Special Edition, "while supplies last."

What will your $100 pre-buy you, besides the game itself? Ready? Here goes: A 10" tall Max Payne statue; "game-inspired Original Still Life Art Prints," for your art collection; a bullet-shaped keychain with screw-off back (for your drugs!); the obligatory multiplayer character pack, including Max Payne favorites like Mona Sax and Vladimir Lem; the similarly obligatory multiplayer weapons pack; and lastly, the game's original soundtrack.

Curiously, this Special Edition really is special, in that it actually is limited ("while supplies last") and won't be available after release. If you want to wait, be warned that eBay scalpers are probably circling the waters already.

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