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PlanetSide 2 community night reveals vehicle customization, Vanguard tanks, and in-game footage


What would you do if you had developers for a highly anticipated MMO on video chat with your fansite's community? The correct answer is "Pump them for all the information you can, then see if you can't get a first glimpse of said game in action."

PlanetSide Universe scored 1000 points this past weekend with that answer, as the site's community night video podcast covering PlanetSide 2 turned into an informational bonanza for the game's fans. The hosts talked to SOE's Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac about PS2's maps and vehicle customization while also getting a tour around the team's offices and a couple segments of in-game footage showing off PlanetSide 2's engine.

The fansite also netted a pair of new pictures showing off the impressive Vanguard tanks, which you can check out in the gallery below. The full community night podcast is after the jump, but you might want to put on a bib beforehand to catch all the drool!

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