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Thanksgiving app sales: Com2Us titles, Puzzle Quest 2, Infinity Blade on sale already


We've already seen a few app sales already this month, but companies are now starting the windup to the big Black Friday holiday, and things are going to get chaotic. Starting this weekend, and rolling on through the Christmas holiday (and even up to New Year's), new iPhones and iPads are going to be making their way as gifts into lots of consumers' hands, and that means that app developers everywhere are going to be fighting tooth and claw to get their apps installed on those new units.

That makes it much more important to get into lists like the Top 50 paid and free apps. When Apple "freezes" the store for developers over the holiday, what's on those lists stays there, so there's even more incentive to sell. We're aiming to track app sales as much as possible -- stay tuned this week and all holiday season long to our holiday gift guide to see what's dropping and on sale now.

In the meantime, here's what's already on sale this week:

Stay tuned -- we'll probably end up doing a post a day this week about all of the various sales starting up on the App Store, so come back every day to see what a dollar can get you for great software on your iOS device.

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