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The high price of the iPhone 4S in India


The iPhone 4S is set to go on sale in India in just five days, but its recently-announced price has some Indian customers fuming. While prices for Apple devices in India have always been higher than in the US, iPhone fans aren't happy that the 16 GB iPhone 4S will cost a whopping Rs 44,500 (US$854.00) with a two-year contract through both AirTel and AirCel. That price point is roughly the same price as a contract-free 64 GB iPhone 4S in the US.

As noted by NewsTonight, Indian iPhone fans took to Twitter upon learning the news and quickly pointed out that the cost of the entry-level iPhone 4S was not only more than the high-end contract-free iPhone 4S in the states, but that the 16 GB iPhone 4S in India costs more than most LED TV's or a year's worth of gas. Fueling the anger over the price was the assumption that the already-high Indian iPhone price point would remain the same as the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 was Rs 35,000 (US$672.00) -- significantly cheaper than the iPhone 4S. There's no word from the carriers or Apple as to why the iPhone 4S is priced significantly higher than the iPhone 4 was at its launch, as new iPhones usually keep the same price point as their predecessor.

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