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    CanvasPop's Instagram prints: Art from your iPhone


    See those nice art prints on the wall in the image above? They were all taken using Instagram on an iPhone, and then printed on canvas by CanvasPop. The canvas prints are a wonderful personalized gift idea, and come ready for hanging on your wall.

    The introductory pricing for the Instagram prints is pretty nice, too -- a 12" x 12" print sells for US$29.95, while the 20" x 20" is a big bargain at $59.95. If you have an Instagram photo or three that you're particularly proud of, then CanvasPop turns them into works of art that are the ultimate in personalized gift-giving.

    Gallery: CanvasPop Instagram Prints | 4 Photos

    I have one of their prints, which is an Instagram photo of the Blue Yeti microphone that I use for TUAW TV Live and the Daily Update. As you can see from the photos in the gallery, these prints are high quality, featuring a canvas wrap over a wood frame. There's a braided hanging wire on the back, and it works well for hanging the print over a few nails or a picture hook. Canvaspop even puts little clear silicone bumpers on the bottom back of the print to complete the professional touches.

    By the way, if you don't use Instagram, the folks at CanvasPop can take any of your other digital photos -- iPhone or not -- and do the same nice treatment for your other images.

    If your budget (or your display space) isn't right-sized for large prints, on the other hand, you can get a lovely micro-magnetic version of your Instagram photos via Stickygram. $14.99 gets you a pack of nine magnets for your fridge or other metal surface. The company is running a 'Print My Feed' contest this month, where one winner will get his or her entire Instagram feed made into magnets. Time to get a bigger refrigerator!

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