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Dear Aunt TUAW: Does Siri work well in the office?


Dear Aunt TUAW,

I am still debating about updating to an iphone 4s from an iphone 4. As someone overwhelmed at work (corporate life). I was wondering if there has been feedback on how someone has been using the iphone 4s' Siri function on a day to day basis at work to help stay organized? I know Siri can be used to check meetings by checking calendars. But how has reminders been effective in your work life? Can it sync with other systems to create to do lists? Has it changed the way any of you operate at work? Thanks. Sincerely, Matt

Your loving nephew,

Matt M.

Dear Matt,

Auntie is strongly of the opinion that Siri is the perfect accessory to corporate life. Between scheduling meetings, setting reminders, and placing calls, Siri works magnificently in the office environment.

Auntie believes that most of the "does it work in the enterprise" question lies in how your iPhone has been configured by your IT department. If your unit is set up to work with Exchange, and otherwise office-ready, Siri will only expand its utility, not limit it.

Just be aware, that with Exchange contacts, the iPhone has a limited ability to respond to relationships (like "my wife", "my assistant", etc). But that's the only drawback Auntie knows of.

Other than making your non-virtual personal assistant jealous.


Auntie T.

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