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Lumia line to get Nokia Drive update, fully cuts the network cord


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When Espoo trotted out its "first real Windows Phone," it did so with a bevy of exclusive features, one of which brought baked-in offline navigation. Since the announcement of that proud product launch, Nokia Drive's been wrestled free from its polycarbonate chains, but the perks of being a Lumia owner are still incoming. Confirmed to Dutch site All About Phones, the Finnish company's Mango phone in an N9 shell is due for an update that'll bring full offline use of the app, ensuring those re-routed calculations don't hinge upon a network connection. Sure, any geek with a WP7 handset's set to get Maps sometime soon, but rest assured you and your sinuously tapered device are still the sole beneficiaries of Nokia's robo-toned, front seat copilot.

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