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RIFT gets into the holiday spirit with the Fae Yule world event


It's that time of year again, it would seem. A time for mirth, merriment, and fending off an evil dragon to ensure that it isn't able to enslave an entire race of magical creatures. Well, that's what's going on in Telara, anyway, thanks to RIFT's Fae Yule celebration. The event, which started today, will span six weeks and will feature "fancy holiday hats, new quests, a grumpy mead-guzzling satyr, and other festive items."

But of course, this is Telara, so the festivities simply wouldn't be complete if Crucia, the evil dragon of air, didn't decide to make an appearance. She's already tired of the Fae's newfound freedom and wants to wrest them back into servitude. It's up to players to make sure she does not succeed. And to top it off, Trion is presenting players with experience, favor, prestige, plaque, and planarite bonuses this weekend only. So what are you waiting for, Telarans? Get a move on.

[Source: Trion Worlds press release]

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