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Tough Economy: Even Master Chief has to buy Halo

With engagement ring in pocket, Geekadelphia founder (and friend of the site!) Eric Smith was dumped. While most people would be immediately thrown into a deep depression, Smith opted instead to sell the ring and buy a suit of Master Chief armor. He wrote about the ordeal last week in an essay called "Master Grief" on Bygone Bureau, which was promptly picked up by every website in existence.

Which brings us to the above video. What does someone with a full suit of Master Chief's MJOLNIR armor do when a new Halo game – specifically Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – comes out? If you answered, "pre-order it on Amazon" well ... you're probably right. But if you're Eric Smith, you drag your ass through Center City Philadelphia and film it. You'd think Chief would be on some kind of VIP list.

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