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Daily iPhone App: Superman


This one kind of came out of left field -- there isn't really any reason for Chillingo to release a Superman game, especially one created by Flash developer Tiger Games. Superman games in general don't usually work well anyway: How exactly do you put a challenge on pretending to be the Man of Steel himself? But this one works because it stays simple -- you control the big blue boy scout running around Metropolis, and perform various tasks, like stopping robbers, killing big robots, or smashing asteroids or missles as they threaten the city.

Most of the gameplay simply consists of flying around, and this is where Tiger Games gets it right -- Metropolis is a nice big 2D world to explore, and arrows on the screen will quickly directly you where Superman needs to go. There's a not-bad storyline propping the whole thing up, but let's be honest, this is superhero fantasy. You really just want to jump in as Superman and blast some robots with your eye lasers. The game's not bad at all, and for a Superman game, given the IP's history, that's enough.

The iPhone version is available for just 99 cents, or you can pick up an HD version for iPad for $2.99.

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