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New game from new BioWare studio could be Command & Conquer by Victory Games

In August, EA brass restructured the company putting Peter Moore in the role of COO and converting the illustrious BioWare brand from developer to "label," joining the ranks of EA Games (DICE, Visceral, Criterion, EA Partners, etc.), EA Sports (Madden, FIFA, Fight Night) and EA Play (Maxis, The Sims, MySims). With this new understanding of "BioWare" we bring you the latest scuttlebutt from internet scuttlebutter Superannuation, who spotted a LinkedIn resume (since edited) that described the Marina del Rey-based Victory Games as a BioWare studio.

Victory Games, you might recall, is a new "strategy studio" announced by EA last February, as an offshoot of its EA Los Angeles location. Like Danger Close and Visceral Games, Victory is more of a "rebranding" than an entirely new studio; Victory was set up as the EALA shop handling all things Command & Conquer, much like Danger Close was established to handle all things Medal of Honor.

Now, onto the new "BioWare" game being revealed on December 10 at the Spike Video Game Awards. With the latest teaser promising "a new direction, a new game, from a new BioWare studio," that sounds vague enough to contain a new Command & Conquer installment. New direction? That sounds like Victory's mandate for the franchise. New game? Well, yeah. A new BioWare studio? We're not sure what makes Victory a BioWare studio (per the above LinkedIn resume) instead of an EA Games studio, but there you have it. We'll find out on the 10th!

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