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Retailers opening up at midnight (or even earlier) for Black Friday


If waking up at 5am in the morning this Friday to grab some of those deals on video games at Gamestop doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, then good news times two: One, you're completely sane. Second, GameStop is actually opening at 12:01am on Thanksgiving night/Friday morning, so if you can wake yourself out of your turkey coma to go and buy some games, you can get all your shopping done before the moon even comes out.

Best Buy is also opening up at 12am on Friday morning for its doorbuster sale, as is Target, despite some protests from employees and their families. Toys R Us is the real kicker, though: Its sales are starting at 9pm on Thursday night, hardly enough time for the football games to even finish before the holiday sales begin.

You can see all of the available deals on video games, online and offline, in our big, bad Black Friday deals post for this year. If you do head out to buy some items right away at midnight, maybe offer to buy the employees you see there some doughnuts or coffee -- if they're out there all night, they'll probably need it.

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