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WoW Moviewatch: Hallow's Dream


This movie is a little old. I nearly didn't run it because of timeliness issues; after all, Halloween and its in-game equivalent was nearly a month ago. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, for goodness's sake! But then I watched the video and knew I had to feature it. SilverLetomi and Tyrannothefirst did an amazing job with Hallow's Dream, and I felt it needed to be seen.

The song is obviously well performed, and the machinima is fantastically spooky for a Hallow's End video. I definitely like the rock and roll angle, since guitars can be few and far between in contemporary machinima. The team picked out some awesome visuals to illustrate the action, leaving us with a comprehensive, fun video.

Pardon the delay on this Hallow's End video, but take the time to kick back and enjoy the fun. Then go eat some turkey tomorrow.

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