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Report: PlayStation Move ships 9 million, a million in the past half year


Around this time last year, Sony announced it had shipped just over 4 million units of its motion gaming peripheral, the PlayStation Move. And then in early April, about five months later, the company once again announced a new shipping number of around 8 million, doubling the original shipped number. Unfortunately for Sony, it seems the last seven months haven't maintained that momentum, with 1 million being added to the total shipped number (approximately 9 million in total), according to Industry Gamers.

As per usual, Sony isn't giving out hard numbers for units actually sold. It stands to reason, however, that if retailers have only ordered another 1 million units leading up to the holiday season, the peripheral likely isn't selling like, say, Walter White's crystal meth (hotcakes are so out of fashion).

Microsoft has been spinning a similar story with its own motion peripheral, the Kinect, holding to sales statements made last March (10 million sold -- not shipped) rather than offering new data. We're holding out hope that the two hardware companies are more vocal after the coming holiday sales bonanza, but we're not holding our breath either.

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