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Samsung N102S netbook listed on UK sites for £240, possibly with Cedar Trail

Sharif Sakr

Even if Samsung plans to stop producing 10.1-inch netbooks from next year, there's still plenty of scope for new models in little ol' 2011. In fact, British online retailers have just put up listings for an N102S running an officially unknown Atom N2100 processor. This chip is rumored to be a low-power variant of Intel's delayed Cedar Trail line-up, which might explain why none of the retailers yet have firm information about availability. (We called the number above, they told us to ignore the bit about December 2nd.) Other listed specs include a distinctly last-gen 1GB of RAM, 320GB of HDD roominess and Windows 7 Starter Edition for £240 ($370).

Update: Netbook Italia also picked up on some Asus Cedar Trail Eee PCs in similar UK listings. These include the 1025CE we saw recently, which packs an N2800 processor for £270, plus a X101CH running on the N2600 for £225. Other specs are very similar to the Samsung's.

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