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Meet Valentine, Skullgirls' phlebotomist femme fatale

Jordan Mallory

Somewhere, someone once thought this exact thought: "I love going to the hospital to have my blood work done, but I wish the procedure could be performed by a ninjutsu-trained assassin wearing an extremely revealing outfit instead of Ethel Mertz's retired understudy." The result of that thought is Valentine, the seventh playable character to be announced for Reverge Labs' upcoming fighter Skullgirls.

Both a ninja and a nurse, Valentine's arsenal includes bonesaws, defibrillators and dead human bodies. Previously part of an Anti-Skullgirl Labs group called "Last Hope" and partially responsible for the creation of cast compatriot Painwheel, Valentine now uses her martial/medical skills in service of the Skullgirl. She, along with seven other fighters, will be fighting for control of the Skull Heart some time in early 2012.

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