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Uncharted Waters Online sets sail for Tierra Americana

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're basing a game in the Age of Exploration, however loose its historical basis may be, you have to eventually wind up dealing with the Americas. That's the case for Uncharted Waters Online, which has just launched the large Tierra Americana expansion to set players into the New World. America is the place to establish Pioneer Cities, special player-created towns that can be built up by player companies and then visited by others.

That's only part of the update, however, which also includes the cities of Paris and Firenze. Paris is, of course, the city of culture and fashion; it lets players show off their discoveries and try to set new trends in the fashion world. Firenze, meanwhile, offers crafters special improvements and gives new incentives to player-made goods. The update also features new ships and updates to the ship systems, giving Uncharted Waters Online's players ways to ensure that they traverse the newly expanded ocean in style and safety.

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