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How the beautiful beasts of Minecon were made


Minecon hosted a sold-out venue in Las Vegas for panels, pictures and merch-buying, a Deadmau5 concert and -- most impressively -- dozens of life-size, physical replicas of Minecraft classics, including pixelated Steves, Creepers, sheep, chickens, tame dogs, weapons, torches, mushrooms, buildings and a 40-foot-long Enderdragon. These scale models were all hand-made by special-effects superstar Greg Aronowitz and his team, who have written an in-depth behind-the-scenes blog post about the entire affair, demonstrating how difficult, stressful and fun the Minecon build was.

For example, this is what Notch sent Aronowitz as a texture guide for the Mooshroom and all the other characters:

Yes, at that size, just 123K. To see how these tiny images became real-life versions of Minecraft characters, check out all of the photos in Aronowitz's blog post.

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