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Japanese hardware sales, November 14 - 20: Cyber Monday edition

Jordan Mallory

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, which as far as we can tell is exactly like a regular Monday except that it's been augmented with futuristic mechanical enhancements and prosthetic limbs that replace its hands with guns or chainsaws or something. Oh! And there are sales.

Unlike Cyber Monday's wicked step-sister Black Friday, however, no one has ever been crushed to death waiting for an Amazon Lightning Deal, or received a face full of pepper-spray through their Macbook's built-in webcam. The event is still an expression of the capitalist American ideals that define our country, but it also proves that ridiculous deals can be found at your desk, rather than at the cost of your personal safety.

What we're saying is, do yourself a favor. Don't go to work tomorrow; work is hard. Stay home and shop.

3DS: 96,219 [DOWN] 7,743 (7.45%)
PS3: 41,069 [UP] 18,150 (79.19%)
PSP: 40,085 [UP] 16,613 (70.78%)
Wii: 13,613 [UP] 1,831 (15.54%)
DSi LL: 1,813 [UP] 62 (3.54%)
Xbox 360: 1,763 [UP] 232 (15.15%)
PS2: 1,291 [DOWN] 3 (0.23%)
DSi: 897 [DOWN] 12 (1.32%)
DS Lite: 31 [UP] 11 (55.00%)

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