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Rate your childhood against this kid's Portal-themed bedroom


After ruminating on the things we're thankful for, spending days acting courteous and compassionate with family and friends, we're about due for some good, old-fashioned envy. Little Vector Farr has possibly the coolest bedroom a kid could ask for -- It's Portal-themed, complete with companion-cube plushies, propulsion gel on his mat, portal panels and a GLaDOS camera above his bed.

But why stop there? We're not only envious of this kid's stuff, we covet his inclusion in a family that is obviously way radder than our own, and a father who is teaching him the truly important things in life, such as physics and how to treat our future robot overlords. His name is Vector. We want that too.

And if all that jealousy weren't enough, Vector has a Portal-themed bathroom as well, attached directly to his Portal-themed room. Yeah. Happy holidays, everyone.

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