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Render me like one of your French girls: The Titanic in CryEngine 3

Jordan Mallory

For the past several years, ORM Entertainment has been working on a simulator called Titanic: Lost in the Darkness. Beginning life as a mod for the original Crysis, T:LITD (just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it) has been updated and refined and reiterated upon until eventually being moved to CryEngine 3, where it has achieved its current, staggeringly gorgeous state, as seen in the trailer above.

Now, when we say "staggeringly gorgeous," we don't mean "Oh hey, that looks pretty good for a mod." We mean that we would rather watch this video again than look at a Christina Hendricks made out of diamonds, standing on top of a unicorn riding a rainbow over a waterfall in space. Hopefully Titanic: Lost in the Darkness' next reincarnation will be playable and available to the masses.

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