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Daily iPad App: A Charlie Brown Christmas


Forty-six years after it debuted on prime-time television, the beloved Christmas classic A Charlie Brown Christmas comes to a new medium -- the iPad. But instead of simply releasing it as a downloadable video, the A Charlie Brown Christmas app turns the story of an incredibly depressed child (yeah, you Charlie Brown) into a wonderful animated storybook that is sure to delight a whole new generation of children. The developers at Loud Crow Interactive who designed the app deserve high praise. I'm in my 30s and still the app has managed to keep me enthralled.

The A Charlie Brown Christmas app features the original music and voices from the television special, plus read-along narration by Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown. The book itself is made up of twenty beautifully rendered pages, each depicting a scene from the show.

But what's really cool about this app is the interactivity. Children both young and old can tap on any word to hear it pronounced. Every page features elements that can be interacted with, whether is changing the sign on Lucy's doctor stand, playing Schroder's piano or popping snowflakes. I showed the app to my one year-old nice this past Thanksgiving and even at her age she had a blast tapping the characters, making them sing, ice skate and dance.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is actually a universal app, so its compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. In my opinion, the smaller screens don't do the app justice. You really need to use it on the iPad to get the full experience. A Charlie Brown Christmas is available in the App Store for US$6.99.

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