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UK gov't recognizes computer science education is important


Eidos "life president" Ian Livingstone's Livingstone-Hope Skills Review has been positively received by the UK government. The paper recommends that the UK's Information and Communications Technology national curriculum be replaced by computer science.

"The Government looks forward to working with [the games industry], educators and others to develop an attractive computer science offering for schools, so that students are able to develop the rigorous skills needed -- not only to support these industries but also to ensure a digitally literate citizenry," read the government's lengthy response.

"I hope common sense and the national interest will prevail," Livingstone told, recognizing that it would "take a number of years" before any actual reforms occurred.

And once the UK education system teaches students helpful game industry skills, they'll be off to sunny Canada for jobs, where the games industry isn't slowly crumbling around them. On the bright side, things could be worse ... like in Australia.

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