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Verizon FiOS kicking off Xbox 360 streaming TV with 26 channels for subscribers


Are you ready to watch a limited selection of channels (26) from Verizon FiOS via your Xbox 360? Verizon and Microsoft sure hope so, this morning announcing plans to offer cable access to Xbox Live Gold members who also pay for Verizon's FiOS TV and internet service plans. That's right: if you pay for a subscription to Xbox Live, and pay for a cable TV subscription, and pay for a cable internet connection, then you can watch 26 of your Verizon FiOS channels on an Xbox 360. Hot ... dog?

Additionally, Kinect "voice and gesture commands" functionality will come with the service, enabling you to shout, "Why am I paying so much to view something I can already watch on my television?" for instance. New FiOS customers can take advantage of an initial promo lasting until January 21 that discounts Verizon's "Triple Play" internet/TV/phone to $89.99 a month (at least for the first two years), and includes both a free 12-month XBL Gold membership and a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Comcast and HBO are also signed on for as yet unspecified streaming deals with Microsoft. A Bloomberg report from earlier this year indicated that even more content providers had signed on, though Microsoft has only confirmed a handful of said providers thus far.

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