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Eden Eternal content update brings new races, Alpaca Coin system


A new update has hit the world of Aeria Games' Eden Eternal today, and it brought two new races along with it. The glyph-crafting Ursun and the minuscule Halfkin should both be welcome additions to the title's roster of playable races. But what if you want to play all five races? Don't worry. Aeria has raised the character limit to six characters per account.

The update also adds the new Alpaca Coin system to the game. The system "serves as a new quest mechanic," and it encourages players to collect Alpaca-emblazoned tokens that can be redeemed for rare and Aeria Point items. To get in on the alpaction (I'm sorry) yourself, head on over to the game's official site.

[Source: Aeria Games press release]

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