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MotorStorm devs saved from Apocalypse by Sony

Justin McElroy

After the well-reviewed MotorStorm Apocalypse failed to move the sales needle in the states and Europe (it wasn't even released in Japan, following the March tsunami) Evolution Studios boss Matt Southern worried it would be the death of the studio. "We made a game we're really proud of and for some really heartbreaking reasons things didn't go so well," he told Eurogamer.

But like a late-race turbo boost saving a car from elimination, Southern said that Sony has given the studio a shot in the arm with the Vita-bound mini-racer, MotorStorm RC. "We split the company up into three teams, one making RC, one supporting MotorStorm Apocalypse post-launch with DLC and multiplayer, and another bunch of guys just brainstorming new ideas. In a climate like the one we've had this year, that is rare."

It's great to hear about any studio staying in business for whatever reason, but if the last MotorStorm sold poorly despite its quality, isn't yet another MotorStorm game an odd choice for a follow-up?

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