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New power set, Central City map coming to DCUO on December 6th

Jef Reahard

December 6th is shaping up to be quite a big day for Sony Online Entertainment. Not only is EverQuest II's latest expansion slated to debut, but so is the new Lightning Strikes content pack for DC Universe Online. The pack is free for subscribers and $9.99 for F2P folk.

There's plenty of bang for your buck too, and it all starts with a new power set (electricity) and continues with new gear, a new open-world map (Central City), and plenty of new DC Comics characters and missions to populate it. New faces include Livewire, Black Lightning, The Top, and The Trickster, and you can learn more about DCUO -- as well as download the client -- at the game's official web destination, and we've tucked the newest trailer right after the break.

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