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Perpetuum expansion launches December 1st, anniversary tourney this weekend

Jef Reahard

Perpetuum's latest expansion is rapidly approaching, and Avatar Creations has pumped out a good bit of info to make sure sci-fi sandbox fans are aware of all the goings-on in its maiden MMORPG. The Intrusion 2.0 patch hits tomorrow and brings with it substantial improvements to the mission and rendering engine systems, a new robot, and new conquerable outpost mechanics.

Prior to the expansion, outpost conflict was fairly random, but now thanks to a concept called stability that lets corporations gradually increase their influence over a given facility, Avatar is allowing enterprising players to get a lot of more mileage out of the system as they build their empires across the planet Nia.

As we reported last week, the devs are also hosting a tournament to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary, and you can read Avatar's description of the events after the break.

Perpetuum - Anniversary tournament layout
Anniversary Weekend Timeline

The big Perpetuum Anniversary Weekend will start on the 2nd of December at 12:00 a.m., and will end on the 5th at 12:00 a.m. (all CET/server times). It will include the Corporation Tournament taking place on the 3rd and 4th.

Anniversary Weekend: Corporation Tournament

The Perpetuum Corporation Tournament will be organized on the first weekend of December, enabling 16-player corporations to battle for the rank of the most dangerous fighters of Nia, not to mention the prestigious awards that include special edition robots and rare prototype items. Teams can consist of a maximum of 10 players and will have to select their fighting machines based on a point system, although module and weapon fittings are not restricted. Battle rounds go on until the complete destruction of one team, and the winners advance to the top in a straight elimination ladder. The entire event will be available via a live video stream.

Anniversary Weekend: Treasure Hunt

For those players who would rather engage in a fun community event with a promise for shiny loot, we will organize an anniversary treasure hunt during the anniversary weekend. Players who invest some time and effort can acquire never-before-seen ancient data consoles (either by scanning for new types of artifacts or looting them from elite Nian lifeforms). We will also introduce two very special sparks which can only be unlocked during this anniversary weekend.

Perpetuum - new robot design

[Source: Avatar press release]

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