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Stardock sends Elfsquad7 down the Xbox Live Indie Games chimney

Michigan-based developer Stardock may be better known for strategy titles like Galactic Civilization and Sins of a Solar Empire – not to mention its one-time ownership of PC gaming service Impulse – but what would you say if we told you Stardock made "a festive retro co-op adventure side-scroller" available now on Xbox Live Indie Games for the festive price of $1?

We hope you're saying "we believe you" because it's totally true. Elfsquad7 is Stardock's first time off the PC gaming reservation, and it goes a little something like this: "Join up with friends and family members in a frantic four-player co-op as you demolish freakish "un-toys", wrap presents and help Santa pack for his one-night journey delivering gifts to children around the world."

This game plus a surfeit of fire log simulators truly makes Xbox Live Indie Games the most festive of all out-of-the-way digital storefronts.

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