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Atari announces Breakout: Boost for iOS


Atari is bringing a new version of Breakout to iOS devices. Titled Breakout Boost, it adds plenty of modern features to the classic brick-breaker, including power-ups, special bricks and – the most modern feature of all – in-app purchases.

Yes, in addition to grenade balls, exploding bricks and the like, Breakout Boost will contain five (five) free levels and "over 200 more unique brick layouts available via in-app purchase." Specific prices and levels aren't mentioned, but here's hoping Atari opts for the popular "here's a ton of stuff for 99 cents" model.

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Balls to the Wall – Atari Announces Breakout®: Boost, Coming Soon to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Evolved Freemium Version of Wildly Popular Classic Features Adjustable Speed Slider and Over 200 Unlockable Levels

LOS ANGELES - Dec. 1, 2011
Atari, one of the world's most recognized publishers and developers of interactive entertainment, today announced Breakout®: Boost for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, a fresh iteration of the groundbreaking 1976 single-player title that claimed the quarters of millions and spawned imitations for decades. The all-new, free-to-play Breakout: Boost features Boost Control, five levels included in the initial download, over 200 additional levels unlockable through in-app purchases, and a slew of new power-ups, bricks and gameplay additions to discover. The new title will be available soon as a free universal download for iOS devices.

Breakout: Boost combines the addictive gameplay that has had gamers addicted for decades with modern features like the innovative Boost Control, which players can adjust at will to ramp up the challenge or slow things down for more casual gameplay. Playing at faster speeds will increase a player's score, providing the edge for champion brick-breakers taking on a friend's high score through OpenFeint and Game Center integration. Breakout: Boost further mixes up the classic formula with power-ups like the Grenade and Acid Balls, and new obstacles including Explosive and Mystery Bricks, providing new challenges for old school experts and countless hours of arcade fun for all.

Breakout: Boost features include:
• Boost Control allows players to manually adjust the ball's speed, scaling up the speed to increase the score multiplier
• Five free levels and over 200 more unique brick layouts available via in-app purchase
• Special ball upgrades to aid your destruction, such as the Fire, Acid, Splitting and Grenade balls
• New and unique brick varieties standing in your way, including Exploding, Mystery, x4 and Metal
• Save and restore in-progress games, so you can stop and start at your convenience
• Game Center and OpenFeint integration for score leaderboards and achievements

Head over to and "Like" the official Breakout: Boost Facebook page to stay tuned for more information regarding the game's launch and new content updates:

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