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End of Nations kicks off the Warfront series with beta signups

Eliot Lefebvre

Trion Worlds is currently known first and foremost for RIFT, but that's not the only game the studio is working at. End of Nations, the upcoming MMORTS, has been quiet for a while, but the development team is kicking things back into motion with the launch of the "Warfront" webcast, designed to highlight news and updates about the game. And it kicks off with an appropriately exciting piece of news for fans of the game -- beta signups are now available.

Fans will need to sign up for the End of Nations newsletter before being eligible to sign up for beta testing, but that likely won't deter anyone who's followed the game this far. There's also an announcement of new previews to be found on the game's official Facebook page, with the usual social media request that you head over and throw out a "Like." While the video is fairly short, most fans have probably absconded as soon as they heard they could sign up for beta -- but if you'd like to see the full webcast first, jump on past the break.

[Source: Trion Worlds press release]

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