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May the score be with you: SWTOR releases one music track a day until launch [Updated]


A long time ago in a boombox far, far away... your MP3 folder was growing dusty from disuse and laughable with its lack of coolness. The IMPERIAL COMPOSERS of BioWare stepped in to quash your pitiful musical rebellion by offering you a FREE soundtrack piece every day until launch. Also, the evil gangster JABBA THE HUTT is immune to Jedi mind tricks, FYI.

This is true: As a special treat to its fans, BioWare is doling out one music track from its Star Wars: The Old Republic score every day, starting today and going until the December 20th launch. These tracks are available on both on the SWTOR Facebook page and official YouTube channel.

The first track is called The Mandalorian Blockade and is composed by Mark Griskey, Wilbert Roget II, Gordy Haab & Lennie Moore. Give it a listen after the jump!

[Update: It looks like music is not the only thing the BioWare folks have in store for you in the lead up until launch. Apparently, the team is doing at least one more round of beta testing starting tomorrow, so check your inboxes!]

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