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Apparently Valve employees have Half-Life 3 t-shirts


Keep in mind that Valve isn't above trolling its own fans -- Gabe Newell could have a 50-square-foot room at Valve studios stuffed full of Half-Life 3 t-shirts, foam hands and head crabs to keep the excitement alive, and a lot of empty hard drive space for the actual game. Nonetheless, @Ekanaut, the marketing man for Monday Night Combat studio Uber Entertainment, spotted this Half-Life 3 shirt "worn by a Valve employee" at Seattle's Eastside Industry Night.

Eka said the Valve employee "knew as much about Half-Life 3 as we do, which is nothing."

We can't help it -- the print on that shirt does look nice and fresh, doesn't it? As if it were just removed from a box of new Half-Life 3 merch ordered specifically for the game announcement that's happening any minute now? Doesn't it?

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