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Engadget Distro Issue 16 examines the Galaxy Nexus, Audi's R18 prototype and Fanatec's sim-racing gear


Finally pulled yourself out of last week's turkey coma? Awesome. You've managed to regain consciousness just in time for a freshly baked edition of Engadget Distro. In this installment we discuss the nearly perfect Samsung Galaxy Nexus, talk up terrible product names and take a Fanatec Forza gaming duo for a test drive. Speaking of cars, we also have an exclusive look at the Audi R18 prototype and it's tech savvy pit crew, Ross Rubin offers his take on Apple's TV in Switched On and you'll get a another peek into our messenger bags with IRL. Pretty sweet, eh? Go on, hit that download now because it's Friday, and you all deserve a little pre-weekend leisurely reading.

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