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It's not just you: Epic aware of Infinity Blade 2 issues on iPod Touch, iPad 1


Hey, did you know that Infinity Blade 2 launched on the iOS App Store yesterday? If you didn't, hey, we hear it's pretty good, but if you did and you bought it, you may already be aware of some "issues" the game encounters when played on an iPad 1 or various iPad Touch devices, such as unbearably choppy framerates and outright crashing. Its publisher, Epic Games, is also aware of said issues, and wants you to know that it's working extra hard to get things fixed "ASAP."

VP and co-founder Mark Rein took to the company's forums after initially tweeting out news of the hitches, where he explained that some users on the aforementioned devices are running out of system memory. Apparently the issues weren't discovered in testing because the device must have a "large number of apps installed," which test units weren't equipped with. Regardless, Rein said the company should have a fix coming quickly, so, uh, maybe play some more Infinity Blade 1 for a few days?

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