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Marvel Universe Online assembles Iron Man


He's snarky, he's tough, he's got a tank-busting missile, and apparently he's got thigh-high red go-go boots. Seriously, look at that picture above and tell us that Iron Man's not getting his fashion tips from the runway.

In any case, Marvel Universe Online is proud to reveal its next major superhero in the game's line-up, and Tony Stark is proud that you're giving him your full attention right now. MUO's Iron Man looks similar to the latest movie version, with the triangle chestpiece and ribbed design. If you're a fan of the character, comics, or movies, then this should be a thrill for you! Just try not to think about how small his waist must be to fit into that techno-armor.

This marks the latest reveal of the Marvel lineup for the game by Gazillion, which has been slowly rolling out the classic characters for a couple months now.

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