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TERA website updates with glyph descriptions

Jef Reahard

Well, it's not a release date announcement, but it's not another big-ass monster reveal either, so we'll call that a win. What the heck are we talking about? The official TERA website has updated with a news blurb about the fantasy title's glyph system. The glyph mechanics become available at level 25, and they basically buff your various class skills. Influence and brilliance glyphs lower the MP cost of skill usage; energy and persistence glyphs give you shorter cooldowns; and glyphs of lingering increase skill durations.

There are hundreds of glyphs to choose from, and each skill has four different glyphs available. Head to the official site for more info, including specifics on Lancer and Sorcerer glyphs. TERA is currently scheduled for a spring 2012 release in the West.

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