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MMO Week in Review: Hour of Twilight


At the end of every week, we round up the best and most popular news stories, exclusive features, and insightful columns published on Massively and then present them all in one convenient place. Miss a big MMO or WoW Insider story last week? You've come to the right post.

World of Warcraft never lets another MMO launch without delivering a competing update to tempt back wayward sons, and as such, Blizzard launched patch 4.3, dubbed Hour of Twilight, to the servers on Tuesday, just a few short weeks before Star Wars: The Old Republic's headstart begins. The patch notably includes a transmogrification system, which allows players to customize the appearance of their gear -- you know, like you've been able to do in games like Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars Galaxies for years. So glad you could join us, WoW!

Our sister site WoW Insider has the full scoop on 4.3's new content for the curious, and beyond the break, you'll find the rest of this week's top MMO stories!

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