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Welcome to UMvC3's Reverse World

Jordan Mallory

Glitches usually come in one of two varieties: The hilarious, and the game breaking. Sometimes, however, you'll stumble across a bug so profoundly weird that it falls into both categories. Enter the "Reverse World," an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 error which flips the camera 180 degrees on its Z axis, turns the characters into silhouettes and reverses all input motions.

As explained in the above tutorial video, the glitch is activated by performing Morrigan's Astral Visions hyper combo and then sliding down a wall as Strider. The effect is devastating to the match, but since the glitch requires the participation of both parties, it doesn't seem like it could be abused for trolling purposes. In fact, we'd take a smiling, floating Servbot over Wesker's DHC glitch any day.

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