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The original Motorola LapDock can now be yours for $50

Brad Molen

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Remember the good 'ol days (specifically, this past February) when the first Motorola LapDock cost as much as $500 up front and nearly got laughed out of AT&T stores? The sleek Webtop accessory compatible with the Motorola Atrix 4G -- and no other device whatsoever -- has come down a long way, as it's now available for a mere $50 (not counting the more expensive 4GB data plan AT&T requires you to be on when using it, of course). Indeed, it appears that a whole zero has been shaved off of the LapDock's price tag, finally making it a tempting deal for anyone still packing the Atrix around. We're thinking that AT&T's trying to clear out remaining stock prior to giving the dock a proper retirement, but does this lower cost give you pause to consider purchasing one after all this time? If so, head to the source to take another look.

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