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5 Apps to make your holiday shopping easy


Thanksgiving is done and Black Friday is behind us. Now, it's time to get serious with your holiday shopping. Here are a few apps that will make your holiday shopping easier, maybe even fun (all prices are USD).

Santa's Bag- Christmas Gift List ($0.99)

Santa's Bag- Christmas Gift List is an app to help you make your list and check it twice this holiday shopping season. The app includes a much-needed screenlock passcode so you can keep your list safe from prying eyes. The lists imports names from your contacts and lets you sort your gifts by recipient, store or status. You can add a status to your gifts like To Buy, Purchased, Wrapped or Given. It even tracks how much you spend and lets you backup your data to Dropbox in case something happens to your phone.

Delivery Status ($4.99)

Delivery status is a package tracker for the iPhone and iPad that help you manage your online purchases. The app lets you input tracking numbers manually or import them from online retailers like Amazon. The app will give you a summary of all incoming or outgoing packages and lets you know how many days until they are delivered. You can view the tracking details and locate the package on a map. If you sign up for a free Junecloud account, you can sync the tracking data between multiple devices.

Deals & Steals from SlickDeals (Free)

Deals & Steals is a quick and easy way to see all the deals that land on Slickdeals. Slickdeals is a large community-based website that gets most of its deals from a very active online forum. The forums are a source of hot deals and buying advice so you can find out if that item on sale is a winner or a loser.

Xpense Tracker ($4.99)

Xpense Tracker is a receipt-tracking app that'll store your holiday shopping receipts. You may not want to remember how much you spent on your gifts, but this information is invaluable if you need a receipt for warranty purposes or if someone needs to make a return. It does a lot more than just track receipts, which means you can use it outside the holiday shopping season. It also has a business slant and includes mileage tracking and support for a client list.

Simon Malls (Free)

The Simon Malls app has location and event information for over 300 malls in the US. The app has store listings and interior maps so you can make your way from store to store with ease.

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