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Allods Online implements Overwolf in-game overlay


If you're similar to me -- my condolences if you are -- then you're probably very friendly with your alt and tab keys. Browsing the internet, chatting with your non-gamer heretic friends on AIM, and gaming all at once requires a certain mastery of alt+tab-fu. Allods Online, however, is looking to remedy this multitasking predicament, so it has enlisted the help of Overwolf.

Overwolf is an in-game overlay that provides players with a means to browse the interwebs, IM friends on multiple protocols, record their gameplay, and more without ever leaving the comfort of their game windows. Overwolf will be bundled with all future Allods client downloads, and existing players can download the gPotato version of the application from Overwolf's official site. For the full details on the new partnership, head on over to the official announcement.

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