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Issue 3 of Whiteout available for Champions Online players

Eliot Lefebvre

No job ever goes quite right, no matter how well you plan it. It's as true in Champions Online as it is anywhere else, and it's certainly the case in the latest installment of the Whiteout series. After all, the first two issues made it plenty clear that heroes would have their hands full dealing with a downed alien spacecraft, but now things are going from bad to worse for the Steelhead soldiers and the player characters. It seems there's another player involved in the game who hopes to get in on the wrecked ship...

As with previous installments of the series, the new issue can be played by any character over level 11 and provides special rewards in addition to the usual mission benefits. But if you've already played through the mission, you can take a look at the game's latest Art Corner, which shows off the design of the mechanical antagonists plaguing the newest mission installment (and the subsequent ones as well, most likely).

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