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Konami's Vita AR tank game is freemium


Konami will offer its cute downloadable AR tank game in time for the Japanese launch of the PlayStation Vita, for free (or more). AR Combat DigiQ: Friend Tank Battalion, based on Konami's Combat DigiQ remote-controlled tanks, will turn any surface at which you point the Vita camera into a battleground for little tanks -- and you'll get five of said battlegrounds for free.

This isn't a gesture of kindness on Konami's part, however: AR Combat DigiQ is a freemium game, with additional levels available for purchase. Stages 6-30 will be bundled for ¥800 ($10.26, but discounted to ¥500 at launch), and stages 31 to 35 and 36 to 40 will sell for ¥200 ($2.56) per pack.

That might be annoying, but wouldn't you buy more AR Games levels for your 3DS if you could?

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