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Mojang hoping to build official Minecraft LEGOs


Mojang has officially begun courting a relationship with LEGO, with the ultimate goal of creating an official Minecraft set of the popular building blocks. The company announced the initiative on Cuusoo, a site devoted to helping amateur (plastic) bricklayers make a connection with the LEGO company.

The concept is simple, builders propose an idea for a LEGO set and, should said idea gain 10,000 supporters, it will be reviewed officially by LEGO. If LEGO decides to produce the set, the project's creator will receive a royalty. Should the Minecraft set reach production, Mojang has promised to donate its royalty to charity. The project is well on its way to an official review, with nearly 1,000 supporters, though Mojang's Daniel Kaplan tweeted that the company is also "working directly with LEGO" to make the project a reality.

Far be it from us to point out the obvious, but wouldn't Minecraft LEGOs just be ... LEGOs?

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