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TERA producer confident that game offers something new

Jef Reahard

"If we had simply cloned a successful MMO, I think we'd have a battle on our hands, but we didn't," says TERA Europe producer Stephan Krippendorf. He's talking, of course, about the inevitable World of Warcraft comparisons that dog every new fantasy MMO (comparisons that seem particularly irrelevant given TERA's impressive visuals and divergent combat).

"When you dive into the game for the first time, swing a sword, cast a spell, dodge and weave in combat, you'll be hooked," Krippendorf explains in an interview at The sit-down covers a bit about the game's action combat mechanics as well as the story elements and the endgame political system, but most of the juicy tidbits center around the title's potential success in a crowded MMO market.

"I think TERA has what it takes to be a huge success though, regardless of WoW numbers," Krippendorf concludes.

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