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Android Phone Name Generator launches HTC Bionic Plus 3D E, Motorola Vigor Optimus Prime+

Zach Honig

Checking the front porch every few minutes for your Sony Ericsson Charge Vibrant G2? Or perhaps you've fallen for the HTC Mesmerize Vivid Prime (you know, that Super HAMOLED++ 4K tablet running Android 9.3 Snickerdoodle). Sure, those game-changing Android devices may not exist in physical form, but they did become a reality in Yinzcam's brilliant Android Phone Name Generator -- created for your amusement, and perhaps the industry's top marketing geniuses. Want to try your hand at creating the world's next week-long smartphone fad? Hit up the source link again and again and again, then share your results in the comments. The Acer Rezound Vivid One G1 X2 launches in 3, 2...

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