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Archos CEO wants to create a child-sized robot for less than 300 euros, apparently

Amar Toor, @amartoo

Forget all of Archos' tablet and e-reader nonsense. They're just stepping stones on the way to a grander vision -- one rife with home automation and, apparently, bite-sized, budget-friendly robots. That's what CEO Henri Crohas revealed in a recent interview with French daily La Libération, while describing his company's aspirations to create thinner tablets, as well as a "child-sized robot, sold for less than €300." Crohas didn't elaborate upon this remark, transcribed as an "oh by the way" aside, though he did go on to describe Archos as a "genetic anomaly" among European manufacturers, and cited Charles Darwin as one of his most admired thinkers. Infer at your own discretion.

[Thanks, Thocan]

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