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City of Heroes rolls out the Media Blitz

Eliot Lefebvre

It's time to take the war against Praetoria to the airwaves, time to find out who is really at risk of death, and time to hoist a railroad crossing sign as a weapon. All of these things are true for the latest patch to City of Heroes -- Issue 21's special update Media Blitz hitting the servers today. The update features not one but two new Incarnate trials, with players facing off against Maelstrom and Mother Mayhem in a battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Praetoria.

Today also sees the rollout of the fourth installment in the Signature Story Arc, which brings players still closer to knowing who is going to die among the Surviving Eight. Players can also toy around with the new Titan Weapons powerset, which gives everyone a chance at wielding a huge two-handed weapon with aplomb -- and if that doesn't sound like a fun ride, you may feel differently after checking out the preview video just past the break.

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